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American Roofing Sales offers the finest single ply roofing membrane system in the United States - Fibertite KEE membrane roofing, performing since 1979 in the United States & around the world. Fibertite is the strongest and most chemically resistant membrane roofing system, offering Energy Star rating and a white reflective surface to reduce heat loads.

Fibertite installation
Fibertite installation
Fibertite installation

Flame Resistance Testing

Using ASTM E108, NRCA researchers tested aged samples of single ply roofing systems, including EPDM, TPO and vinyl membranes. Aged vinyl membranes that have chlorine in their compounds,(which makes them inherently fire-resistant) were the only membranes that consistently passed the spread-of-flame test. FiberTite, like the aged vinyl membranes that passed the spread-of-flame test, employs chlorine for fire resistance.

A Superior Process, An Advanced Formula Fabric

  • With Exceptional Puncture and Tear Resistance
  • An Adhesive Coat for Maximum Seam Strength
  • Back Coat Provides Superior Welding
  • Chemical Resistance and Long-Term Flexibility
  • The Proper Amount of Elvaloy